Sunday, September 7, 2008

30 to 31 may 2008, taipei

a summary of our route
sealing up the freshly baked 太阳饼
taipei 101 - i remembered Cher told me that the colors of this tower changes everyday.
yes, it's friday today.

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28 to 30 may 2008, hualien (花莲)

car accident that happened almost a week ago


visit Taroko National Park (太鲁阁) if you are in hualien.
start with this trail, 白杨步道. total 4km walk (to and fro) with several tunnel passings. i loved the beautiful rock formations and the water curtains (水帘洞).

26 to 28 may 2008, kending (垦丁)

25 to 26 may 2008, kaohsiung (高雄)

another night market

24 to 25 may 2008, tainan

shuffle and pick 15 tiles from the pile.
form a straight line and you get to pick any of their big soft toys.

catch some fish

the biggest night market in taiwan - 花園夜市. so much to see, eat and play.

23 to 24 May 2008, alisan (阿里山)

trekking up to the nearby 祝山 at 4.30am
we missed the last bus (2.10pm) to alisan. so we negotiated with an old lady for a taxi ride up. cant remember how much we paid for, probably around NT 2300 for a one-way taxi cum room stay.
alishan is a popular destination to see its sun rise. most of the accommodations were priced double and are fully booked on fridays and saturdays.

22 to 23 may 2008, sun moon lake (日月潭)


stayed at a 民宿 owned by an old couple. the room was beautifully furnished and cost about NT 1000/night for a triple room.
chatted with the owner for a bit while he chewed on 槟榔. he generously offered us some of it from his packet. his mandarin carried a bit of a hokkien accent and honestly, i enjoyed hearing him speak.
he told us that the peak season in taiwan is around jul to aug. and through his wife, we booked the half day morning ferry tickets to see the lake. their price was cheaper than the ticket booths.

make full use of a digital camera to save time on taking down details. hee...
this is a daily departure train schedule from 水里. served as a useful reference for our next day departure. from 水里, its a 45 mins bus ride to sun moon lake.